Top 5 tips for the first night with your puppy

In this blog post I’ll be talking about my 5 top tips for the first night when you bring your puppy home. - Erm, best day ever? Yes, it sure is!
1. Enjoy lots and lots of cuddles
This may seem like an obvious one but now George is one that time has flown by - I feel like those people that say ‘oh my kids grow up so fast’ yes it’s the same with our gorgeous fur babies. They’re so tiny and fluffy you just don’t want to let them go. Enjoy lots of cuddles with your new pup with everyone in your household so they feel comfortable and to know you’re there.
2. Expect a lot of wees and poos in the house
I found this the hardest when settling in our little George, not because I didn’t want to clean up his poo or wee but I think a lot of people expect their dog to go for a wee on a puppy mat or out in their garden within a few tries.
Don’t get me wrong, there will pups that will do that but my biggest tip would be to just relax, accept the fact you’re going to get a few wee’s and poos in the house but prepare your house for that. You can do that by:
  1. Move lots of lovely rugs/carpets you don’t want wee on to a separate area to where the dog is
  2. Place puppy mats around - these saved us!
  3. Take regular trips outside for the pup to go for a wee and poo not on the carpet ;-)
  4. You can also read our George and Bear blog post here on ‘how to toilet train your pup
3. Prepare the house for when the puppy will sleep
This is also another key consideration that we probably didn’t prepare enough before we got George. We asked our lovely friends to borrow their play pan which was a zip up mini pet tent that allowed you to place the puppy’s bed in it and you could unzip the top.
This was perfect for George, we put his little blanket in there that our breeder gave us with his siblings and mums smell on. He did cry a couple of times but after a while he settled down, we originally planned to have the pen in the lounge but he got too upset so we placed it in our bedroom. A good idea is to prep the space in your bedroom so whether they’re in a play pen or bed you can plan to move all cables, food - basically everything of our their reach. George used to be a little cheeky monkey and explore our bedroom in the night.
4. Join forums and meet ups with other dog owners
Even before picking up puppy, joining a forum or dog owners Facebook group can be hugely beneficial. I joined Cavoodles Australia Facebook Group - which at the time my partner thought I was a little crazy dog lady as we hadn’t even got a dog yet. (Also noting, incase you couldn’t already tell, I’m a huge crazy dog lady and that’s totally fine!) I was asking lots of other owners and potential owners breeders they would recommend/breeders they also wouldn’t recommend, things to look out for and even once you have you puppy, asking others lot of questions.
Forgetting that it’s a perfect place to look at cute dog photos. We have a couple of forums set up on our website that you can access and join below.
5. Enjoy every minute of having your new puppy in your house
Take lots of photos of your gorgeous new puppy and share with your family. We probably spammed our family WhatsApp groups and I still spam the George and Bear Instagram page with loads of photos of Georgie still now!
I hope this blog post was helpful, feel free to add any questions/comments below or even a pick of your dog!
Lots of love,
George and Bear x